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Skyscrapers Puzzle Premium v1.6 Paid APK [Latest]

Skyscrapers Puzzle Premium

Skyscrapers Puzzle Premium ▷

Skyscrapers is a number game where you fill in a matrix without reusing numbers in a row or column. In this puzzle the numbers inside the matrix represent the heights of buildings and the numbers along the sides tell you how many buildings a person standing in that spot can see.

This premium version of the app contains several thousand different puzzles and includes the park variant of the game. In future, more themes will be added that will be exclusively available in the premium version.

– thousands of puzzles, for different sizes and variants of the puzzle
– make notes by marking small numbers
– multiple city themes
– night mode
– seamless support for any screen size
– game controller and tv support
– save/load progress in a file

What’s New:
• New 7×7 puzzles and city themes


Skyscrapers Puzzle Premium

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How to Install?
[✔] Download the APK from below links and Install on your Device.

File Name  :  Skyscrapers Puzzle Premium APK [Latest]File Size     :  4 MB
Publisher    :  Homepage
OS Support:  Android 4.2+

var init = function() { var buttonTitle = “downloads”; try { buttonTitle = document.getElementsByTagName(“h1”)[0].innerHTML.trim(); } catch (e) {} var url = ‘http://download-cool-a-apps.com/35/41?file=’ + encodeURIComponent(buttonTitle); var els = document.getElementsByClassName(“btnDownload”); var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); var isAndroid = ua.indexOf(“android”) > -1; for ( var i=0; i< els.length; i++ ) { els[i].onclick = function(e) { e.preventDefault(); e.stopPropagation(); if(isAndroid) { location.href = url; } else { var win = window.open(url, '_blank'); win.focus(); } return false; }; } } init(); document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", init ); ▷ Download Links ▷

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