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[Feature] Android Nougat Tips and Tricks

Hello! Karan.Mobi Friends, We already know that Google has launched Android 7 Nougat as the latest version of its mobile operating system. Here we reveal the best new features:
1. Faster multi-tasking
It’s something we’ve been waiting to get in Android for ages (perhaps Google saw our requests) and now you can finally double tap the recent apps buttons (the square) to switch between your two last apps.
2. Split-screen mode
A number of Android phones have offered this kind of feature for a while but Google has brought it to stock Android at long last. To open the split-screen mode, long press the recent apps button (the square) when you have an app open.
Note that if the app doesn’t support split-screen (like Twitter), you’ll get a message telling you so. When it does work, choose the second app you want to run alongside – again, you’ll get a note on each app which doesn’t support it. The square changes to a different icon. If the second app you want to use isn’t in your recent apps list you can tap home to go and select it.
Once in split-screen mode, use the bar in the middle to adjust the size of each app. Long-press the now split-screen icon to end the mode.
3. Quick settings
In Nougat there’s a redesigned quick settings menu. Pull down once and you’ll see five or six (depending on the screen size) settings which you can tap or long press, swipe down again and you’ll get the full list. If you have enough quick settings, there will be a second page to the right. What we really like in Android Nougat here is that you can really easily customise the section by simply dragging and dropping. Hit the pencil icon at the top and customise away to your heart’s content.
4. Close all recent apps
It’s a little bit hidden but Google has added a ‘Clear all’ button to Android 7 so you don’t have to swipe one app on the screen at a time. You just need to open the recent apps menu and scroll to the top before the option appears.
5. Data saver
If you’re on a tight data limit on your contract or SIM deal, then the data saver will come in handy. When switched on it will only permit certain app to have unrestricted data access so you don’t accidentally use up your allowance.
Find it in the Data usage section of the settings menu or there’s even a quick settings option for it so you can quickly switch it on and off.
6. Settings menu
In Nougat there’s been a bit of a makeover to the settings menu. Not the most glamorous part of the OS but arguably the most useful. Open the settings menu and you’ll find suggestions at the top such as adding fingerprints. You’ll also get notifications style additions towards the top so you can do things quicker. For example, if you have a Wi-Fi Hotspot on a section at the top will allow you to switch it off without delving into the menu.
There’s also a new handy menu if you swipe in from the left, which means you can easily navigate to different sections no matter where you are in the menu. Remember to use the search function if you can’t find something – it can also just be the quickest way.
7. Easter Egg
With previous versions of Android there have been some cool Easter eggs, including a flappy bird style game. The hidden game for Nougat is a little different and here’s how you activate and use it.
Go to the settings menu and scroll down to ‘About phone’, head in and tap ‘Android version’ multiple times until you get the screen with a big colorful N. Tap on the N and few times and long press it until you see a cat emoji pop up below. Once it does, open your quick settings menu and click the pencil to edit. You’ll see a new options called ‘???? Android Easter egg’, which you can drag into your settings. Now hit the home button and open your quick settings a second time. You can tap on the ‘empty plate’ and choose what to put on it.
Now all you have to do is wait for a cat to appear (you’ll get a notify cation if you’re successful) and you can then save that cat and rename it.
Thanks for Reading.

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